Starry Night at Lancing College Chapel

I recently traveled to the United Kingdom. While driving through West Sussex, we stopped at Lancing College, home of an amazing Chapel on the hill. I flew the drone, and did a little compositing to create the stars in the sky.

Here is the finished product:

For this shoot I used the DJI Phantom 3 Professional in Cinema 4k with the flattest profile possible. I really wasn't happy with the lighting when we arrived - it was overcast and very flat, not very cinematic at all. This is what some of the original shots looked like:

Overall pretty boring and flat. So I looked into sky replacement effects and decided it might be cool to add a starry night sky. Used the motion tracker in After Effects to track the motion of some milky way images I found using Google's labelled for reuse search. After I composited I stabilized the footage in Premiere and graded using the Lumetri panel.

This was my first foray into sky replacement with drone footage. Definitely excited to this technique in more projects.